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We help clients create brands, build and optimise websites and develop digital marketing strategies that get results online.  Let’s talk about what you want to accomplish,  and how we can help.

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Good design doesn’t just look good

If your website doesn’t meet it’s primary objective then it doesn’t matter how good it looks, it just ends up being a money pit and a black hole of lost customers.

Many sites are over-designed, with too many elements on the page, distracting visitors from the purpose of the site. In reality functional and effective are far more lucrative than pretty and cluttered … in effective web design, simplicity rules.

The Internet Initiatives team are a small business owner’s dream if your looking to dramatically increase sales without adding sales people.

— Tracy Cuajao

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Never settle. Take it to the next level and really let your ideas run wild. We can help you get noticed online …

The design of your website, branding or sales funnel is more important for attracting more visitors and ultimately converting those visitors into customers than you think. You can implement any conversion boosting tactic in the world, but if it looks like crap, it won’t do you much good.

Design is not just something designers do. Design is a fundamental part of the marketing process and vice versa. Design IS your product and how it works. The more we learned about design, the better the results we achieve.

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How We Work

The process we follow defines what we produce and ultimately the results we achieve.

We adhere to a refined results-driven methodology that improves the experience of your customers. We use foundational stages to tailor a custom solution for each of our clients, and if you choose to work with us, these will be the stages we follow … Read More

We love what we do and it shows …

“It was an absolute joy to work with Chris and his team. We are absolutely thrilled with the end product.”

― Kath Magery, Smoothere’ Safety Razors

The Internet Initiatives team are well versed in Branding, Web Design, Sales Funnels, Business Processes and Amazon Private Label. We have been helping small businesses and product developers create, launch and maintain their products and services for well over 10 years.

Let’s Create Something Amazing